About Me and Cookie World

Greetings, my name is Jennifer, originally from NE Texas, born and raised. Family is everything to me, I love my family, I love your family, I am very family oriented. I am married to my beloved spouse of many years and we enjoy raising our 2 super exciting kiddos. I love to cook and bake for my family, they are super great critics:):):) For the bulk of my adult life, I have been residing in the Dallas metroplex area, working in corporate America for nearly 15 years. I have been planning my cookie business for the past few years and in 2021, I decided to make it official with a leap of faith. Cookies are just 1 of my many awesome endeavors that I am fully invested in. I admire how the cookie industry has formed and shaped over time to tailor to individual needs, I look forward to continuing to grow and develop my cookie dreams. I am truly blessed to have such great family, friends and customers that surround me with their love, support and guidance, I am forever grateful. Please stay tuned for learning more of my cookie dreams in action. Now without further ado.......I present to you, Cookie World!!!

Cookie World, established in 2021, is a custom image or logo printed cut-out sugar cookie bakery business. We specialize in creating cookie memories for our clients that will leave a lasting impression for their unique needs and special events. We provide high quality class services to our clients with top quality hand packaging for each cookie order. We "Bake Your Cookie Dreams" with any image or logo printed directly to the cookie that our customers desire. Cookie World is a family owned business, proudly serving the Dallas, TX market area.

Our home bakery is located in Mesquite, TX near I-635/Town East Blvd.

On very rare occasions, we may be overwhelmed with orders and unable to commit to new orders, we deeply apologize, but we will do all that we can to accommodate and satisfy your every need.

Meet the Cookie World J-Family:

  • Cookie Mom: me, Jennifer

  • Cookie Dad: Jeremy

  • Cookie Sis: Jakyria

  • Cookie Bro: J2

Watch the level of excitement that we can reach on the weekends:):):)

We are family friendly, we welcome your feedback and would love to connect with you. Please email jennifer@cookieworldllc.com